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1. I Lost 15lbs. within 5 weeks of drinking alkaline water, with no cardio involved; although drinking the water motivated me to start eating right again. Before my knee surgery I tried to eat right and stay motivated, but I was never able to keep the weight off even when I did eat right.


2. On the 3 incisions from my surgery I sprayed the strong acid water to keep it sterile because I had an infection, and the acid water cleared the infection rapidly and also healed the incisions quickly. For the swelling I used a cold water machine. It felt good and the swelling was slightly reduced. Ronnie suggested that I soak a towel with strong alkaline water, and to leave the towel dripping wet and place it on my knee for 15 minutes. When I did this I felt a tingling sensation on my knee (kind of cool feeling), after the 15 minutes I removed the towel; the swelling went down drastically and my knee moved without stiffness or pain.


Migraine Headaches

3. I have a chronic ear condition from multiple ear ruptures from my Military service, and also from training and competing in Jiu jitsu, wrestling, and Muay Thai. My ear does not drain properly and the fluids build up a great deal of pressure. Since drinking Chanson Alkaline Water I have had no migraine headaches, and also the build up has been reduced drastically.



“I am 50 years old and recently had a quadruple bypass. I started drinking the high alkaline water 6 months after my operation and noticed the anti-oxidizing qualities quite quickly. I sleep better, have more energy and my body craves this amazing water. I am more regular and feel great.


I also use the acid water to control foot odor. I spray my boots and shoes on a regular basis and spray my feet morning and night. I find it amazing that the simplicity of acid water has made such an amazing difference. I no longer suffer with bad foot odor.”



I am so emotional as I type this email.


It has been a little over a week with our water system. And God has been so good! I haven’t slept this great in decades. With each passing day, my chronic fatigue seems to be disappearing into thin air!


In the last 5 years we have spent over $100,000 in treatment, detox, products and supplements. I am sure these were all very important in establishing a baseline of good health. But nothing has ever “fixed” me.


I started drinking “3” water right away. With the years and intensity of detox I have done -- I wasn’t afraid to go for it. I have had no adverse reaction. Just a stronger body and clearer mind.


I usually have to take a nap just a few short hours after waking up in the morning. I haven’t had to nap at all since the water! Doing basic house chores and taking care of the children left me mentally fatigued and physically drained! I always get so depressed that I am “broken” mother and wife.


But since the water, I have been able to focus and I have so much energy! In fact, we have a family of 6 visiting from France and staying in our home while they are on vacation in the US. These are good friends who we haven’t seen in awhile.


Well, I was so dreading their visit. I am always tired and thought that their visit would drain me even more. On the contrary! I am keeping up with the housework! And the extra commotion from so many people in our house hasn’t stressed me out one bit. I am so invigorated and am experiencing the greatest peace and calm.


I know that it has only been a little over a week on this water, BUT I had to share my joy! And I do pray that in one month (the real test of time) I will only have more joy to share! Thank you, thank you, thank you and praise God for this healing of my body and mind and spirit through this healing water!



“Alkalize your body and live a healthier, more energized and ultimately more fulfilling life. Our acid-alkaline balance is a baseline determinant of our physical health. When you break your old eating patterns, you will find yourself getting back to the real you, filled with the vitality and energy that you desire and deserve.”


-Tony Robbins

“I had read about the importance of pH balancing, and even about a healing resort in Switzerland with natural mountain stream water with a pH of 9 (a little alkaline) that has healed many people of a variety of diseases. I measured the pH of my tap water to be a pH of 6 (slightly acidic), and my reverse-osmosis water to be a pH of 5.5 (more acidic!). I bought my Chanson water ionizer because I was concerned about health problems caused by drinking and cooking with this water. I set it to output with a pH of 9, and my wife and I use it

for all drinking and cooking water.


I found that I craved this water and drank more water over the day than before because it tasted so good. After a few days, we both noticed that our feces were dark and goopy, but there was no discomfort. This continued for about a month, and then our feces went back to normal. Since the same thing happened to both of us, and the water was the only thing we changed, we knew it was the water that caused this cleansing effect. We were surprised to get this effect since we had both been taking Primal Defense probiotic for several years. We both feel better after having switched to the Chanson water ionizer.”



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